Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nail Fun!!!

Left side is my nails with nail plate M57 my very first time using a nail plate i think i did pretty good :) The right side is my daughter alexis's nails
I did them with the nail plate M47 its small but has the perfect lil zebra for her little tiny nails!!! && of course she showed them off to EVERYONE!!!!

This is after a few days yes i know looks kinda crappy forgot top coat because i was in a rush and then my hubby wanted me to help him in the garage.. totally ruined them LOL!!! But this is with nail plate M78 looooove them && the stars is with nail plate M50 im doing something different from now on when i do my nails.. my ring finger which i call my "love finger" will be a different design/color :) something to mix it up and have fun with :)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Ahhh my new addiction

I am offically obsessed with nail plates!!!
You can get them through anywhere your main place youll see them
is but i got some from &&
the ones i got from amazon were the "MASH" made ones cuz one im cheap..
&& two since i never used them before i figured id go cheaper LOL!!

But i loooove them and im soo proud of my frugal investment!!
My nails look awesome!! I even did my daughters who is in first grade
needless to say shes got the best nails in the school hahah so im bias
oh well :)

Id have to post some pictures of the looks they are sooo fun!!
Of course I had to go on ebay and buy the bundle monster 08 cuz it had crowns :)
I havent played with that one yet today i did a crazy maze look its awesome!!!

I would loooooove to go to school for nails since its something i just looove to do and my husband will then understand why i really have sooooo much nail polish LOL! I try telling him its a cheap present for me that i will love and he says im crazy onnne day i will get him to understand :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Auctions for free stuff at

more free stuff on Listia

A new thing ive came across its fun and kinda addicting to see what you can win! I listed 45 coke points as a offer and some girl bid like 120 points or something YAY me :) Cant complain!!

As for my life no complaints.. things are going good! Got our taxes back!! Russell got me a new bowling ball which i bowled like total crap with last nite!! Lowest series in a loooooooooong time like a 300 something... 115.. 136.. and i honestly dont remember last game it was that bad :( it hooks ALOTTTT so i gotta figure out where im supposed to stand!!

Alexis is doing great in school her report card was all "Gs" which was the best you could get! && Got great scores on her diebels test!! She got OVEERRR average on her reading skills yeaaa she gets that from her mama! LOL!!!!!

Dylan is a lil terd lately.. LOL! He needs anger management at 3 how bad is that?! LOL!!! Hes very smart though getting better with talking although hes toooo stubborn to say his ABCs :)

I think thats about it for now!! oxox love ya all

Saturday, September 18, 2010

what a freaking nite.... although i bowled good... i beat russell one game 160 to a 150 YAY me :)
&&& we won all of em again tonite! So 2 weeks in a row undefeated!! :)~

Monday, August 9, 2010

My friend nicole lost her baby just days before he was supposed to be born, and now she had to bury him on the day she was scheduled to have him induced. It breaks my heart that this had to happen to her. She wanted him soooooooo bad!! I hate when bad things happen to good people! Esp people that want their baby sooooo much but you have crack heads and dumb ass ppl that beat their children having kids everyday!!!

It seriously hurts my heart and makes me cry.....

I love you nicole and blaze... im so sorry for your loss and i know theres nothing i can do or say to make this better for you but im here... and i love you!!

May you rest in peace little man...

oxox Sarah

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Everyday its the same.. match match NOPE i lose :(
I cant win ... i think its rigged lol!!!!!!!

Yesterday was wonderful cleaned the house did some laundry hung it out on the line... i looooove my clothes line plus is saves the gas bill :)~ theres just something about fresh blankets and towels on the line besides the lil stiffness... helped russell tear part of the s10 apart and we were so hot we ended up going swimming at aunt cindys which was sooooo nice!!! We sooo need to buy a pool...

Today we are going out to the fair to watch the figure 8 im pretty excited its nice running into people we havent seen in a while!! &&& Miss emily k and connor are coming over i havent seen them since i stopped watching connor so like... 3 months? maybe 4?

I wish i could win the freaking lottery... we gotta get the house in order.. we moved in july 1st and im still unpacking and figuring out what we need still.... abunch of lil mis. crap!! &&& i have to plan a party for alexis.. we told her when we got moved in wed throw her a party since she didnt get to have a bday party... my dad is going to get her a bouncy house and a biiggggggg slide....

well thats about it.. i gotta get ready for the day and get my ass a cleaning!!!

oxoxo love ya

Monday, July 26, 2010

Im a newbie :)

My girls from xanga told me to come try this out. Its been so long since ive blogged its kinda sad. Right now I feel like total poop I dont know whats wrong I think I got to much sun today!!! Watched the movie Cop Out (at least i think thats what it was called) it was actually pretty cute & funny... Tracey Morgan & Bruce Willis were good together!!! :)

Ummm lets see if your reading this for the first time and have noooo idea who I am ..
Im sarah mommy to alexis shes 6 and dylan hes 2!! And FINALLY married to my husband russell :) we got married feb 9th 2010!! We've been together since march 2003! I looooove my family!!

Nothing much happened today.. laid out in the sun played with the kids outside... russells mama came over and we ran to the $ store .. and to the grocery store i had to get diapers for dylan (im trying my hardest to potty train) and pop :) then to get pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzza!!!

Mamas that have potty trained or that are potty training ... what do you think on those waterproof undie things.... the little pants u put overtop of underwears i was debating on buying some... esp for bedtime? I think pull ups are the same as diapers and cost soooooooo much!! Any ideas or help would be greatfullllll!!